Top five favorite tv shows

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Top five favorite tv shows

Post by ericformans_sisterisdead on Sun Aug 03, 2014 10:34 am

I know its gonna be tough but i know you guys can do it Eric Forman .  List your top five favorite tv shows starting with you number 1 all time.  If you have too many you can also list some honorable mentions after your top five.  You can list a max total of six honorable mentions in no paticular order.


2- The sopranos

3- Curb your enthusiasm

4-Boy meets world

5- The Shield

Honorable mentions- Battlestar galactica, south park, futurama, 24, californiacation, Its always sunny in philadelphia

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Re: Top five favorite tv shows

Post by Maximus on Sun Aug 03, 2014 3:11 pm

Lookin' for inspirations, huh?
I have some for random order, though!

#1 - The Walking Dead

Normally I don't like all these Zombie Apocalypse movies/games/etc...
There's just too many of 'em right now, and it's simply boring, dull, FML...
What makes The Walking Dead interesting and "special" are the characters!
It concentrates more on people rather than being "just another show" about killin', butcherin', slaughterin'...
It's about survival in very difficult times...with no internet, no TV, little electricity, lack of food, clean water, no traffics, no law enforcement, no taxes...
Shit like that can turn you into a monster, but sometimes it's just the ONLY way to survive...

#2 - LOST

LOST is like...most frustrating and annoyin' show I ever watched!
There's a lot of unsolved mysteries, unanswered questions, unexplained events, un-everything!
They set rules, but they don't give you explanations...and then there's that silly ending...just NO!
Oh, almost forgot about "glorious" Time Travel...meh! ;?
Confused? No, I'm not a masochist...I enjoyed the show like hell and it was a memorable journey!
Too bad it had to end that way, though...leaves a bad taste, y'know..
Then again, characters!
K, most of 'em are dull or annoyin'...or both, but guys like Sawyer or Locke - mah favorites - made me watch dis shit 'till the end!

#3 - Battlestar Galactica

I watched BSG for Space Battles and Dogfights...and out of curiosity too, of course!
Ever since I was a lil' boy, I luved Sic-Fi-style Space Combat Carnage!
Wing Commander, Rogue Squadron, TIE-Fighter, X-Wing Alliance, Descent, Aqua Nox...y'know
They don't make games like this nowadays...not as good anyway, though I'm a skilled Gunship pilot in The Old Republic and currently lookin' forward to play Elite: Dangerous or Star Citizen in the future...hue! ;>
BSG reminds me of my experiences with Space Combat, brings back that nostalgic feeling when I "sit" in TIE-Defender's cockpit and dogfight the livin' Force out of Rebel Scum!
Yes, it has a lots of philosophy goin' on, and relligion..and philosophy of relligion!
Who would've thought that Toasters can believe in a God/Gods? Or that they have "souls"?
Or that they can actually be "alive", much as we are?
Yep, BSG is all about stuff like this, when it comes down to the main plot...
which is similar to Mass Effect's "Organics vs Synthetics"! "Does this unit have a soul?" >,>
Personally, I wasn't interested with all this Toaster was fun watchin' as they blow up in the space though! Hue! ;>
Oh, and this guy? Best character in the show! He simply screws everyone over, then gets away with it every and each time...rinse and repeat! He is "God-like"! ;>

#4 - Firefly

This is the tale of a cap'n Malcolm Reynolds and his crew of most badass types galaxy has to offer! True sons and daughters of Texas! Cowboys, Bounty Hunters, Smugglers, Pirates - they are all these things and yet, they are not complete bad guys. Most of 'em are there for teh moneyz, but not all of 'em. Say, combine Han Solo with Cowboy Bebop and there you have it. "Good" folks doin' "bad" stuff to survive in this cruel galaxy...ya' catch mah drift? ;>
Firefly's universe is indeed dirty, cruel place filled with mutants and evil corporations.
It feels more like...Wild Wild West of ' Space and without Indians! I hope it makes sense...
Now, I haven't watched all episodes of this marvelous show (coz reasons), but I think it's safe to assume (with my current experience) and say that The Movie ("Serenity") is for The Series ("Firefly") a finale! Some characters simply lack their plot armor in the movie, y'know...and people die at the fair! Hue ;>

#5 - Dunno, lol!

Guess I ran outta juice here, guys...
If anything cross my mind, I'll just Edit this part, right here, k?
I ain't got anything for "honorable mentions" as well!
Forgive me padre for I have sinned!

Now, where's mah cookie for all the good work, Mr. "EricfromanandhisSisterFanboyFiveever"?
Hue! ;>

"And in the end, as the darkness takes me, I am nothing. Now I know how you felt, my friend."
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Re: Top five favorite tv shows

Post by ericformans_sisterisdead on Sun Aug 03, 2014 3:22 pm


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Re: Top five favorite tv shows

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