The Indoctrination Initiative

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The Indoctrination Initiative

Post by TerramineLightvoid on Wed Jan 24, 2018 1:50 pm

So I'm just going to throw together my own Mass Effect Andromeda "theory", based on everything I've seen in the new game. I'll just put it straight to the point:

The "Remnant"? What are they a Remnant of? The Reapers. The true source of the reapers, before they evolved to assimilate organic beings into their own physiology. Aka, the Reapers were naturally occuring AI technology. It's something Scientists have actually talked about a few times now. The possibility for life to evolve dependent upon much more metal based minerals and such.

The reason I am absolutely convinced of this is because we basically see a synthetic Race, that looks technologically exactly like Reapers and Reapertech. Even to the point where they take on reptilian/ambibian biology. The "Conduit", is a giant snake who shoots dark energy powered weapons through a RED LIGHT IN THE CENTER OF IT'S "MOUTH". YOU HAVE TO SHOOT THE RED LIGHT/WEAPON TO KILL IT.

Also based on everything we know. We KNOW that the Remnant, whoever they actually were, were dethroned because of this mysterious interstellar weapon that somehow caused the "Scourge". Almost definitely the same technology as the Crucible. The blueprints for the Crucible came from whoever was warring with the Reapers in Andromeda. Unstable Dark Energy would be a massive weakness for Reapers, because we've seen what it does to regular technology as well Mass Effect based technology. For Reapers, this would be like ripping through their organs with an energy sword.

Whoever it was that was warring with the Reapers, chased the Reapers to the Milky Way. That's why the Arks were there. They created the Crucible blueprints by adapting their technology to the relay network and the Citadel. They created something that could wipe the Reapers out once and for all. A massive Scource generator that spreads the Scourge literally completely around the entire galaxy.

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Re: The Indoctrination Initiative

Post by felpscross on Thu Mar 22, 2018 9:01 am

I tend to be very careful going beyond the original trilogy with the IT. I prefer to headcanon the initiative based on the first ark theory that surfaced long ago when Andromeda was only leaks. Beyond that, I really don't relate anything from Andromeda to the ot, especially the IT. It stops making sense outside of the Milky Way for me.

Thing is, Andromeda is such a Halo ripoff that I can't fit it anywhere in the ME universe. It has such bad and linear writing that I can't analyse it in any perspective other than the literal interpretation. The OT has way deeper narrative. That's how I feel, anyways. I really hope they reboot it again.

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