Cerberus Reaper Theory!

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Re: Cerberus Reaper Theory!

Post by Andromidius on Fri Jan 25, 2013 1:24 am

SwobyJ wrote:
The only positive of Control is that it often gives others the tools to choose a better way. We wouldn't have the Krogan as we know them, if the uplifting and genophage never happened. We wouldn't have the Quarians and Geth as we know them, if the oppression and revolt against the Quarians never happened. It would be an entirely different story, and maybe not a helpful one in our overall war against the Reapers.

The moral is actually that Control always seems to backfire against the Controller.

Salarians tried to Control Krogan. Krogan did their job too well, rebelled and plunged the Galaxy into another brutal war.

Salarians tried to Control Yahg. Conclusion so far unknown, but probably not going to be peachy.

Quarians tried to Control Geth. Geth evolved on their own, questioned their masters, got massacred for it, fought back and nearly wiped out the Quarians.


So going by that thematic logic, Organics trying to Control Reapers won't end well. The only things seemingly able to Control are Reapers - even the Leviathans failed when they outstretched themselves.

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Re: Cerberus Reaper Theory!

Post by Davik Kang on Sat Jan 26, 2013 2:44 pm

Blur this is a really interesting and genuinely compelling theory, but I have one question - do you mean the singular consciousness would be TIM's or Shepard's? Cos it looks to me like you could mean either.

But refusing to install control chips and putting such importance on Shepard being the person they need suggest that TIM is competing with the Reapers for Shepard's mind. Which fits in perfectly with IT if Harbinger ultimately just wants Shepard.
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Re: Cerberus Reaper Theory!

Post by southbeatz on Sun Jan 27, 2013 4:03 am

TIM was indoctrinated ever since he first appeared in ME2 but it was likely similar to how it was with Saren. Saren knew it and even admitted it but thought he could find a way to understand indoctrination to avoid being a complete Reaper slave himself. TIM does basically make Cerberus take over the role of the Collectors but I don't think TIM fully knew he was being influenced and being indoctrinated but the dead give away there is his eyes in ME2. Regardless of the choice made at the end of ME2 to save the Collector base for Cerberus or to destroy it, TIM still gets the Human-Reaper larva in pieces to use later.

If a Reaper IFF was required to properly navigate the Omega 4 relay then Cerberus had to have another one since the Normandy had the it. Harbinger probably thought of a way to allow Cerberus to find another Reaper IFF to collect the Human-Reaper remains while allowing TIM to think he is in control. I had gotten the impression that Harbinger was subtly guiding TIM to do what the Reapers wanted without making it obvious because the stronger the indoctrination had to be, the less useful TIM would have been long term.

The Citadel was always the designated place for the Reapers to create a new Reaper at during each cycle. In ME3 on Ilos when talking to Vigil, all of the needed information is there that strongly hints at the Citadel being the base of each Reaper invasion. Javik mentions this on ME3 as well. During each cycle the Reapers would activate the Keepers so they could take over the Citadel and coordinate harvests throughout the Galaxy effectively. I remember on ME1 when I had wondered why the scanning of the Keepers gave the music and prompt on completion as if it was a special mission and not merely another side quest but later on that proved to tell more of the story.

I could think of quite a bit more on this but I'll stop here for now lol.
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Re: Cerberus Reaper Theory!

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