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" So....The Illusive Man was being controlled by the Reapers all along."

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 " So....The Illusive Man was being controlled by the Reapers all along." Empty " So....The Illusive Man was being controlled by the Reapers all along."

Post by Master Blaster Sun Feb 03, 2013 8:44 pm

For all the new comers/lurkers. I created this long ago, and this helped me start my life here on the IT thread/community.

Shepard: " You start being selfish, dreaming about power, and we will all pay the price." That was to TIM at the end of ME2

TIM:They are just trying to Control US. Think about it. If they wanted all organic life Destroyed, they could do it...

TIM: I know them Shepard. I know how they think."

Shepard: The Reapers have it right. Your Indoctrinated.Your doing just what they want.

TIM: "And I can say the same to you. Wasting your time, on a war that can not be won."

Shepard " At LEAST I am fighting."

TIM: Never question my ability to fight. I've been fighting the Reapers longer than you can imagine."

TIM: Shepard there are choices coming that you're not equipped to make."

Major foreshadowing, and Equipped to make, but what does he mean equipped to make?

Shepard says:At least I'll be making them as a human being, your just some Reaper puppet."

TIM:You wouldn't listen to me"

TIM: Are YOU going to Control the Reapers."

That's right.He tells Shepard are you going to Control the Reapers.

TIM: I am the Pinnacle of our species

Harbinger "we are the principle of Evolution."

will add the rest of it in ten minutes.

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 " So....The Illusive Man was being controlled by the Reapers all along." Empty Re: " So....The Illusive Man was being controlled by the Reapers all along."

Post by TurianRebel212 Sun Feb 03, 2013 11:52 pm

So here's my take about Cerberus, TIM, Shep and the Reapers.

I think TIM has been fighting indoctrination for years and years. Way before ME2.

The un-indoctrinated part of TIM's free will recovered shep instead of the collectors and rezed him back to life with cerberus tech- that we learn is indoctrinated latter in ME3, However, TIM DID NOT put a 'Control' chip in Shep- cause he wanted Shep to have free will and fight the reapers cause TIM new he couldn't hold out forever.

" I haven't give up on Shepard. No yet". TIM quote during kai leng convo's on cronos.

TIM is a very tragic figure. He as been fighting indoctrination for so long but they still creep in and tell him what to do.

This can be explained in ME2- Horizon- It was to lure them in. Or it was to harvest sheps VS and or get Shep.

Collector Ship- do I need to explain. TIM used the collector ship to further put shep in contact with reaper and harvest tech.

Suicide Mission. TIM's goal is to destroy the collectors. The indoctrinated TIM want's the proto reaper. Cause the reapers want a proto reaper!!! Duh. That's the goal of the harvest of Each cycle, to have the perfect reaper.

Humanity is chosen as the 'main' component of Perfect reaper. Harby say's so. Who created Harby? Who's at the beam? Who wan't shepards body and mind?
Who talks to Shepard during arrival?

Lastly and most importantly.

Who is the avatar of Humanity?

In short TIM wants shep to fight and destroy the Reapers but as the end of ME2 and the events of ME3 illustrate TIM became a Reaper puppet. This also explains Sanctuary- TIM was needing to combat a way of the Reapers control over him. So he thought with science he could try and control them. But it failed. Horribly.

The non-indoctrinated TIM wants shep to survive and destroy the reapers. That's why TIM has an option for suicide- JUST LIKE SAREN.

TIM and Saren are mirrors of each other. Loner's who are incredibly talented, powerful, capable, cunning, resourceful.... And also Incredibly Indoctrinated.

We fight or we die. I choose to be free. I choose to rid the galaxy of monsters. I choose destroy.

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