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Mass Effect and Star Control 2 Parallels

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Mass Effect and Star Control 2 Parallels Empty Mass Effect and Star Control 2 Parallels

Post by BlueLogic Fri Feb 08, 2013 8:34 pm

In retrospect I've begun to notice several similarities between Mass Effect and another of my favorite games, Star Control 2. SC2 is also a wide ranging grand scale space opera, but it was released back in 1992, so it's likely many fans of Mass Effect would be totally unaware of it. The gameplay is totally different, as one would expect, but the narrative and setting have some striking similarities. I'll try to elaborate in as coherent a manner as possible, but I haven't yet formed any connections between the pieces, so for now I'm just listing them as they come to me.

The enemy:

The Ur-Quan:
In Star Control 2, the majority of the galaxy has fallen under the rule of the Ur-Quan. They dominate through force and enslave those races whom they conquer, using them as warriors and weapons against enemies that remain. IN fact, some of the former allies from the first Star Control are now fighting for the Ur-Quan as thrall warriors. In Mass Effect, the Leviathans were at one point the alpha rulers of the galaxy in much the same way. Consider also, the similarities in appearance:

Mass Effect and Star Control 2 Parallels Ur-qua12

The Kohr-Ah:
The Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah are a subspecies of Ur-Quan that separated from the primary group due to a difference in understanding of their doctrine. Where the Ur-Quan seek to dominate and control other races throughout the galaxy, the Kohr-Ah seek only to destroy. This, from the wikipedia entry:

"Conflict with the Kohr-Ah is unavoidable for any other species as they follow the "Eternal Doctrine," their interpretation of the "Path of Now and Forever," which reveals that their purpose is to "cleanse" the galaxy of all non-Ur-Quan sentience. The Kohr-Ah carry out the words of their doctrine to ensure their freedom and security, and to a lesser degree, they believe they are doing those they cleanse a service: the opportunity to be reincarnated as an Ur-Quan, the superior race."

The parallels between the Kohr-Ah and the Reapers are striking. Again, their appearance reinforces this:

Mass Effect and Star Control 2 Parallels Ur-qua11

The Plot:
The story of Star Control 2 revolves around the incursion of the Kohr-Ah back into the galaxy (or at least the known portion). As the game progresses, the Kohr-Ah's sphere of influence slowly creeps toward the center of the map signifying the doom approaching. The player must travel the galaxy in their unique ship, form alliances among alien races, and eventually confront the "unstoppable menace".

Nothing much really. I just thought this was interesting. Perhaps Star Control inspired the writers, or perhaps not.
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