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How could anyone fall for indoctrination???

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How could anyone fall for indoctrination??? - Page 2 Empty Re: How could anyone fall for indoctrination???

Post by Andromidius on Fri Feb 22, 2013 3:18 am

Indoctrination, at its core, is basically a severe form of Peer Pressure, mixed in with selective ignorance and bias.

Reaper Indoctrination is an even more advanced form of this, but the basics remain the same. Eventually you'll fall to it regardless, but if you resist for long enough you may be worthless to the Reapers when it happens (i.e. you go insane).

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How could anyone fall for indoctrination??? - Page 2 Empty Re: How could anyone fall for indoctrination???

Post by noobcannon on Fri Feb 22, 2013 9:43 pm

SwobyJ wrote:I think what the Wave misses is that the German population was also grateful for leadership, not just blindly willing to follow any instruction. It's a bit of a shallow presentation, in order to make its point.

The thing with Reaper indoc is that it forgets about any social, cultural, or emotional concerns, and just enters the mind ASAP. That makes it a bit more of a special and powerful concern.

And when you're facing that, the only way to 'defeat' it is to 100% CLOSE your mind, at that point. You need to stay 100% on your GOAL and HOW EXACTLY you will accomplish it, and even then your motor functions could be compromised.

And that's a bit how one has to 'escape' a religion or cult or just 'worship' in itself (of a person or state), once utterly immersed in it. Everything is a distraction in order to get you to believe things you wouldn't otherwise believe, or do things you would otherwise be loathe to do.

EDIT: I guess my (biased?) point is that strong forms of indoctrination (irl) are SEPARATE from other personal, emotional, cultural, etc concerns. They're their own entity and can be all consuming of one's mind.

And then most people tend to respond to this idea with: "It could never happen to me. You're overreacting."

Look at history, and you may see otherwise.

good points. also wanted to point out i love your avatar. just waiting for that moment in-game.....

"You thought you were so special? Better than everyone else outside this room? You traded your freedom for the luxury of feeling superior. You accepted the group's will over your own conviction, no matter who you hurt. You thought you were just "going along for the ride", and you could just walk away at any moment. But where were you heading? How far would you have gone?"
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