TIM is Shepard's father.

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TIM is Shepard's father. - Page 2 Empty Re: TIM is Shepard's father.

Post by Nightvayne on Sun Feb 24, 2013 1:21 pm

Davik Kang wrote:TIM is Miranda's son which she can only give birth to in 6 years' time which is only possible after Cerberus develops new medical tech utilising superadvanced Reaper technology made by controlling the Reapers at the resolution of the Reaper conflict and by then using said technology to send TIM back in time so that he can make sure that anomaly Shepard does not alter the course of history, else there will be a paradox and rift in the time-space continuum which will cause the death and destruction of all time and everything else in the galaxy...

This explains FFXIII-2 strangely considering bioware parternered with them for some dlc and other things.

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