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A Translation of the Final Decision Chamber

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A Translation of the Final Decision Chamber Empty A Translation of the Final Decision Chamber

Post by CmdrShep80 Wed Jan 09, 2013 7:07 am

Hey Everyone! This is one of my earlier Mark 3 posts that people enjoyed but not enough really was able to read it before it floated away in the forums. I post it here for all your enjoyment! I went through and had to re-do all the bolds, underlines, and italics. I hope I caught them all. I have a tendacy of missing a few. To add, I am making an assumption that you are talking to yourself because the AI that we see as the kid is really all those fancy implants TIM installed and the Reapers are manipulating you through them

Catalyst/Implant Conversation – with my ideas about the double meanings underneath most lines . The conversation is also based on whatever choice the video made

My assumption based what I said earlier - You've already been co-oped by the Reapers because they manifest themselves into the image of the kid via your implants. Remember how much easier it was for Sovereign to co-opt Seren once he was implanted.

Catalyst/Implant - "Wake up."
translation - Hey pay attention to me. I need you to finish the job I’ve been subtly convincing you of
Shepard - Where am I?
You were lying on the ground after the beam, had a conversation with your psyches that you didn’t realize, and now you're in space speaking to a kid, where am I really?
Catalyst/Implant - the Citadel, it's my home
i.e. your mind and your implants
Shepard - Who are you?
Don't you know, you've seen this kid hundreds of times in your dream etc.
Catalyst/Implant - I am the Catalyst
See Shepard's answer
Shepard - I thought the Citadel was the Catalyst?
This was your mission, the crucible needs the Catalyst to function. No one knows what it is yet but everyone only knows that it is somewhere on the Citadel because that’s what the instructions say (the crucible building instructions)
Catalyst/Implant - No, the citadel is part of me
i.e. I need you to stop believing your original mission plus the citadel you see is the one I created via your implants, so of course I am the programming within your implants. That's why it is a part of me.
Shepard -I need to stop the Reapers. Do you know how I can do that?
Wait for it -ps it's you trying to focus on your mission, destroy the Reapers
Catalyst/Implant - Perhaps, I control the Reapers, they are my solution
Wait, if the Citadel is a part of you, and the Citadel controls the relays, and the Catalyst/Implant interacts with the crucible that’s not right...the Catalyst/Implant is just trying to suggest something to make you believe
Shepard - Solution to what?
Catalyst/Implant - Chaos
Chaos is life, Reapers are order
Catalyst/Implant - The created will always rebel against their creators but we found a way to stop that from happening, a way to restore order
Shepard was created and Shepard has been trying to rebel against your creator. Secretly TIM was also rebelling by refusing to implant the control chip. How do we stop it in an easier way than our past solutions? We resurrected you, and we implanted you then started to subvert you
Shepard – By wiping out organic life?
Again refocusing on your mission, stop the Reapers
Catalyst/Implant – No, we harvest advanced civilizations, leaving the younger ones alone. Just as we left your people alive the last time we were here.
Just as we harvest a fruit on a fruit tree, we leave the smaller younger not ripe ones alone and take the ripe ones for fuel
Shepard – But you killed the rest…
Again Reapers are bad
Catalyst/Implant – We helped them ascend to make way for new life, storing the old life in Reaper form
Think of eating a hamburger. The old life is eaten to make way for the new life and the old life of the hamburger is now a part of you being used as fuel to further the new life – the Reapers (more on this in a few lines)
Shepard – I think we’d rather keep our own form
Again battling with your true mission. Destroy the Reapers
Catalyst/Implant – No you can’t, without us to stop it synthetics would destroy all organics. We created the cycle so that never happens.
Really? What is it? Let’s get creative. “Without us to harvest, weeds would run rampant. We created the harvesting cycle so that never happens. We grow more life – Reapers. A leap, Reapers are organics, alive, Organics are just machines to be used, not alive (think like a Reaper on this one not a Human)
Shepard – You said you’re the Catalyst…but what are you?
Just now realized what was said earlier. It’s not right.
Catalyst/Implant – A construct, an intelligence designed eons ago to solve a problem. I was created to bring balance. To be the Catalyst between the organics and synthetics
A white lie. I was designed about as early as ME2 to solve a problem. Indoctrinating Shepard. He couldn’t be indoctrinated conventionally so we killed him and rebuilt him using our thrall The Illusive Man. PS definition of Catalyst – 1 A substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change (Subverting Shepard’s mind via chemical imbalance). 2 A person or thing that precipitates an event (Shepard’s Indoctrination). See any similarities at this point?
Shepard – So you’re just an AI
Uh oh Shepard’s figuring it out that I’m an AI installed in the implant better mislead him
Implant AI – In as much as you are just an animal, I embody the collective intelligence of all Reapers
Subvert him with Awe of hugeness – remember the codex: A Reaper's "suggestions" can manipulate victims into betraying friends, trusting enemies, or viewing the Reaper itself with superstitious awe
Shepard – But you were created…
Implant AI – Correct
It’s true, the AI was created. At tjhis point there’s a word Shepard says I couldn’t get and wasn’t on the subtitles but this is also right where the kid starts having multiple voices. Shepard fighting indoctrination? Or more pressure for co-opting you?
Implant AI – By ones who recognized that conflict would always arise between synthetics and organics. I was first created to oversee the relations between synthetic and organic life…to establish a connection but our effors always ended in conflict, so a new solution was required
i.e. we want to use you as fuel but you fight us, why? (still more on this when we get to the fire). I tried to reach out to you and indoctrinate you, but you resist, why? I then made a connection with you but yet you continued the conflict, why?
Shepard – The Reapers
OMG don’t do that Shepard! Yep your mission is the reason for why you resist indoctrination. Saving the galaxy is also another reason. Defeating the AI in the implant will eventually be another reason
Implant AI – Precisely
Guess I’ll just give him what he wants to hear.
Shepard – Where did the Reapers come from? Did you create them?
Implant AI – My creators gave them form. I gave them function. They in turn give me purpose. The Reapers are a synthetic representation of my creators
Notice the wording. My creators, the Leviathans created the first Reaper-the first non-organic Leviathan, the AI in the first Reaper gave direction. The Reapers’ actions give the AI further reasons to complete its programming. Similar to the Geth AI, it speaks for itself and all at the same time.
Shepard – And what happened to your creators?
Implant AI – They became the first true Reaper. They did not approve but it was the only solution
OMG, the AI was flawed, there was an error in programming causing it to destroy organics as a solution. The Leviathans for all their vastness was duped!
Shepard – You said that before, but how do the Reapers solve anything?
Implant AI – Organics create synthetics to improve their own existence, but those improvements have limits. To exceed those limits, synthetics must be allowed to evolve. They must , by definition surpass their creators. The result is conflict, destruction. It is inevitable. Reapers harvest all life – Organics and synthetics preserving them before they are forever lost to this conflict
Ok,major translation here. We saw you can procreate, you can make more of you. We felt we needed to do the same because at the time there was one of us, one AI. Tthe inevitable would be we would cease to function therefore no more AI. So my programming came up with a solution, evolve the AI by creating a Reaper. The Reaper needs fuel. I know, organics are not truly alive we can use them for fuel and any non-sapient synthetic. Like the toaster, the fridge, or the Geth. In order to do this we must convince our creators but they refused and caused chaos, risking our extinction.
Shepard – We’re at war with the Reapers right now!
Here comes the fire bit
Implant AI – You may be in conflict with the Reapers but they’re not interested in war.
Do you go to war to eat your hamburger? Do you go to war to harvest your salad? Likely the answer is no.
Shepard – I find that hard to believe
Implant AI – When fire burns, is it at war? Is it in conflict? Or is it simply doing what it was created to do? We are no different. We harvest your bodies, you knowledge, your creations. We preserve it to be reborn in the form of a new Reaper. Like a cleansing fire, we restore balance. New life, both organic and synthetic can once again flourish.
If organics are the fuel they would be like candle wax. Light a candle, what happens to the wax? The flame harvests the wax, converts it into fuel and makes light/heat, etc. Take that candle to a forest of weeds. It burns, cleansing the dense undergrowth allowing the ground to grow more organic fuel for us to eat and consume
Shepard – What do you know about the Crucible?
Cleansing fire, organics can grow, OMG my mission!
Implant AI – The device you refer to as the crucible is little more than a power source. However in combination with the citadel and the relays, it is capable of releasing tremendous amounts of energy throughout the galaxy. It is crude, but effective and adaptive in its design.
Guess what I’m your AI Implant. I know what you know. I know you’ve never seen the crucible but you can see the work being done on it via the Normandy. I created a story based on what you heard, saw, or read about the Crucible and what I know based on what the Reapers have seen or observed. Why else would I think the Crucible is crude. It’s just a battery. The Reapers are Gods (awe again)
Shepard – Who designed it?
Implant AI – You would not know them and there is not enough time to explain. We first noted the concept for this device several cycles ago. With each passing cycle the design no doubt has evolved
We never knew who designed it. I need to indoctrinate you. You’re getting side tracked. We first saw this but we didn’t know what it did. It wasn’t complete (see next line for rest)
Shepard – Why didn’t you stop it?
We didn’t have to, it’s never been used (left unsaid)
Implant AI – We believed the concept had been eradicated. Clearly organics are more resourceful than we realized
We destroyed it so we figured it was gone. Looks like the records keep getting passed. Next time, scorched Earth. This is the first time it’s ever been activated (I believe in Shepard’s mind to gain access to what it does so it can be stopped by the Reapers but Shepard doesn’t know so they failed)
Shepard – But you’re taking away our future, without our future, we have no hope. Without hope, we might as well be machines to do what we’re told.
Struggling with Indoctrination
Implant AI – You have hope. More than you think. The fact that you’re standing here. The first organic ever proves it. But it also proves my solution won’t work anymore.
Shepard is still fighting indoctrination. Why won’t he give in? I know I’ll use his ego, heroism, and hope against him (3 things left after the Anderson - TIM psyche battle). Tell him he can beat me easily but he has to willingly do it. I know I’ll give him more half truths! That’ll be my new solution
Shepard – So now what?
Implant AI – We find a new solution
Shepard – Why are you telling me this? Why help me?
Implant AI – You have altered the variables
Shepard –What do you mean?
These lines – translation – I decided to stop co-opting you and start my new solution. Tricking you toward what you think will give hope, be heroic, or ego filled. I need to indoctrinate you somehow. Remember the codex - A Reaper's "suggestions" can manipulate victims into betraying friends, trusting enemies, or viewing the Reaper itself with superstitious awe
Implant AI – The Crucible changed me. Created new…possibilities but I can’t make them happen. If there is to be a new solution, you must act. It is now in your power to destroy us. But be warned, others will be destroyed as well. The Crucible will not discriminate. All synthetics will be targeted. Even you are partly synthetic.
Translation – I need you to agree to join the indoctrination willingly. It won’t work if you resist (see all the people who shoot themselves to free themselves from indoctrination). But the truth is this is the only way to free yourself from my hold on your indoctrination but guess what I’m going to lie to you. I’m telling you it will kill you, kill the Geth (didn’t you heroically save them or something?) kill EDI (your friend ‘s new girlfriend can’t hurt him either that would be bad. In other words this is the worst option because I, the AI implanted in your brain and body, am saying so. So who's right? Not Shepard but the AI, listen to the voice inside your head I am your consciousness. So I happen to be an AI. Go figure
Shepard –What exactly will happen?
Falls into the trap
Implant AI – Your crucible device appears to be largely intact however, the effects from the blast will not be constrained to the Reapers. Technology you rely on will be affected but those who survive will have little difficulty repairing the damage. There will still be losses but no more than what has already been lost.
Key translation about Destroy – the AI plays on our dependence of technology. Impagine. Pick destroy, can’t play ME3 for a month. Nooo. Plus notice the truth - . “There will still be losses but no more than what has already been lost.” If you pick this you won’t lose anything that hasn’t already been lost by the time you get to the beam rush. So if you let Mordin die, he’ll still be dead. If you made peace with the Geth and Quarians. Both don’t die. Is EDI still on your ship, yep. Get it? Everything you’ve been doing will still be the same This got lost till just now actually for myself
Shepard – But the Reapers will be destroyed?
Darn it you believe him don’t you Shepard?
Implant AI – Yes but the peace won’t last. Soon your children will create synthetics and then the chaos will come back.
i.e. you’ll bear weeds and the weeds will go overgrown again. Having more non-sapient synthetics just doesn’t help. We’ll just have to harvest and eat you all again just like how we get a hamburger
Shepard – There has to be another way
The other endings are Shepard’s fault. If Shepard wasn’t so far into the indoctrination, he wouldn’t have said this setting up the other two endings.Codex again - A Reaper's "suggestions" can manipulate victims into betraying friends, trusting enemies, or viewing the Reaper itself with superstitious awe
Implant AI – There is. You could instead use the energy of the crucible to seize control of the Reapers
Key Translation about Control - Eh, since he fell for it, I might as well go with something he heard already. Shepard can’t control the Reapers but the Reapers can at least turn him into a husk or something. We’ll just use the opposite of what he told TIM so he won’t be so stupid to pick this. I’ll even tell him he’ll become us, something he didn’t/doesn’t want
Shepard – So…The Illusive Man was right after all
So…you’re so duped by this Shepard? OMG you fell for the trap not once but twice!
Implant AI – Yes but he could have never taken control…because we already controlled him
Shepard – But I can…
Codex one more time - A Reaper's "suggestions" can manipulate victims into betraying friends, trusting enemies, or viewing the Reaper itself with superstitious awe
Implant AI – You will die. You will control us but you will lose everything you have
Translation – You will die. We will control your organic parts. You will lose everything you have
Shepard – How can I control the Reapers if I’m dead?
Finally the smartest thing you’ve said since you’ve been indoctrinated
Implant AI – Your corporeal form will be dissolved, but your thoughts and even your memories will continue. You will no longer be organic. Your connection to your kind will be lost, though you will remain aware of their existence
You will be a Reaper husk or something. See what happened to Seren when Sovereign took over after Seren died.
Shepard – But the Reapers will obey me?
Not again…do I need to repeat the codex again?
Implant AI – Yes we will be yours to control and direct as you see fit
Translation – Yes we will control you to direct as we see fit.
Shepard – Hmmm….
Translation for the observer, Shepard thinks decision one will wipe out everything and everyone he knows despite the statement to the contrary. Shepard also doesn’t like decision two because that’s what he’s been trying to avoid by destroying the Reapers but he can’t seem to remember what he was supposed to do when the AI says….
Implant AI – There is another solution. Synthesis
Finally I think I’ve got him now. Evil secret manical laugh about indoctrinating Shepard. Let’s play on that ego, heroics, and hope he has left
Shepard – And that is?
Curious? Another option? Might be good?
Implant AI – Add your energy to the Crucible’s The chain reaction will combine all synthetic and organic life into a new framework…A new DNA
i.e. we make Reaper babies if you give up now. Remember, Harbinger said that Humans were the best most ripe of the fruits of the galaxy to harvest and eat for fuel and procreate with
Shepard – Explain how my energy can be added to the crucible?
Codex entry reminder on indoctrination here yet again
Implant AI – Your organic energy, the essence of who you are will be broken down and then dispersed
Shepard – To do what exactly?
Once, twice, and now third time's the charm
Implant AI – The energy of the Crucible, released in this way will alter the matrix of all organic life in the galaxy. Organics seek perfection through technology. Synthetics seek perfection through understanding. Organics will be perfected fully by integrating fully with Synthetic technology. Synthetics will in turn will finally have full understanding of organics. It is the ideal solution. Now that we know it’s possible. It is inevitable that we will reach Synthesis
Key Translation for Synthesis – By eating your hamburger, it will convert into energy that gets dispersed throughout the Reapers to equally share and grow from. It will make us full. We can then reset all the traps, go back to hibernation, and wait for the next harvest cycle to mature and ripen. Perfect for the picking. We’ve done this before once we figured how to do it with the first, the Leviathans. This will ensure we survive and have more Reaper babies. Shepard you will choose this. It is the only one that appeals to your heroics, ego, and hopefulness.
Shepard – Why couldn’t you do it sooner?
Wait, something’s not right…
Implant AI – We have tried a similar situation in the past but it has always failed.
Shepard – Why?
Implant AI – Because the Organics were not ready. It’s not something that can be…forced. You are ready. And you may choose it.
Try to eat an orange by forceably removing it from the tree when it’s still green. Like how it tastes? No. Then you have to patiently wait till the orange falls off the tree. Then, you know it’s ripe. The same thing with the cow. You can force it to the slaughter but stressed beef isn’t healthy. You have to convince the cow to go to the slaughter on it’s own, willingly. Only then would you get the best tasting beef.
Shepard – You’re asking me to change everything…everything. I can’t make that decision. I won’t.
Translation as seen by the Implant AI - No we’re just asking you to sacrifice yourself. Not everything else. We’ll get them eventually when they’re ready. Your indoctrination was on a crock pot for slow simmer for 3 games. We think it’s about done now. The timer’s almost up.
Implant AI – Why not? Synthetics are already part of you. Can you imagine your life without them?
You have glasses right? Nuff said
Shepard – That’s beside the point
Finally recovering Shepard? It’s too late. Hook, line, and sinker. We’ve got a big one Captain.
Implant AI – Your time is at an end. You must decide
No more talk. We’re reeling in the fish Any more talk or distractions and we might lose the fish
Shepard – Let’s get this over with
Implant AI – Do what you must

Then it's decision time. You've got four choices but only one is the right one. Your mind’s been screwed over so bad you’ll pick the wrong thing because of what?
Say it all together:

Reaper "indoctrination" is an insidious means of corrupting organic minds, "reprogramming" the brain through physical and psychological conditioning...leaves the victim highly susceptible to its suggestions....A Reaper's "suggestions" can manipulate victims into betraying friends, trusting enemies, or viewing the Reaper itself with superstitious awe
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A Translation of the Final Decision Chamber Empty Re: A Translation of the Final Decision Chamber

Post by The Math Effect Wed Jan 09, 2013 7:46 am

CmdrShep80 wrote:Implant AI – Your crucible device appears to be largely intact however, the effects from the blast will not be constrained to the Reapers. Technology you rely on will be affected but those who survive will have little difficulty repairing the damage. There will still be losses but no more than what has already been lost.
whoa whoa whoa

in one post you just completely validated Literal Destroy for me.

does the dialogue for this change at lower EMS?
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A Translation of the Final Decision Chamber Empty Re: A Translation of the Final Decision Chamber

Post by CmdrShep80 Wed Jan 09, 2013 7:51 am

Lol it was always in the ending. It just gets cluttered by the dislike for the kid and the anxiety and pressure of choosing something. Though the focus at the time was why destroy does not result in losing everything the kid claims because he contradicts himself in that line you quote with the other one where all synthetics will die and besides if he is harbinger, then why would he get you to choose synthesis

You're welcome by the way Very Happy

Edit - missed your last line. What's interesting is low EMS destroy has only one choice destroy. The kid says a lot of different things in low EMS destroy. The line above is also slightly altered focusing more on everything being destroyed which is true. Whereas high EMS destroy has more opportunity to succeed

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A Translation of the Final Decision Chamber Empty Re: A Translation of the Final Decision Chamber

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A Translation of the Final Decision Chamber Empty Re: A Translation of the Final Decision Chamber

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