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Mass Effect 3 - Alternate Ending (series) Empty Mass Effect 3 - Alternate Ending (series)

Post by TJBartlemus on Wed 9 Jan 2013 - 22:55

I got bored one day, and decided to start writing a fan-fiction story of what I would have liked to see in the end of Mass Effect 3. I will release new parts as soon as I finish them. Being as the first 4 parts were already released and posted in the IT Thread Mark III, it is only fair they are all released too. I hope you enjoy it!!! Garrus



Child: *After discussing Control and Synthesis* "And that big red tube you see over there...just ignore it."
Shep: "Why? What does it do?"
Child: "Oh it just wipes out all Reapers and synthetics. Nothing special. Besides you have nothing to break it with. You have no gun and your body is barely functioning. You can only choose Control or Synthesis. It is the only way to break the cycle."

Shep: I have nothing to break it you say...
Child: That is correct. I have already stated that. Control and Synth...what the FU**?!?!?
*Grabs Child and throws it at tube, shattering it* Shepard then strolls out like a bad a**


*fades to black as Shepard walks into mist forming*
*Shepard abruptly wakes up and takes deep breath*
*Shepard looks around* All he sees is darkness, dust and distant echoes of battle far away.
*grunts and tries to get up but cannot*
*attempts to raise anyone on the radio*

Shep: Hello?!?! Anyone?

*The effort is futile as he realizes all his equipment is fried*

Sounds of footsteps grow louder as a patrol comes closer to Shepard. Shepard starts to feel hope, it which instantly disappears when he sees what the patrol consists of. Not too far away, a group of husks is passing by seeming to be searching for something.

Shep whispers: Da*n!

A husk breaks off of the group. It gets closer. Shep attempts to shuffle away but is pinned by rubble. The husk catches sight of Shepard and its gaze seems to change. It halts in place seeming to be stopped by an unknown force. It then starts to hover in the air above where it stood and catches on fire. The lights inside its unsightly synthetic skin change to the color orange. The transformation abruptly stops as the husk looks upon Shepard with a new intelligence from before. It then speaks in a familiar voice to Shepard.

Harbinger: "This changes nothing, Shepard. You cannot stop us and you will regret your resistance."


A muzzle flashes in the distance and a bullet passes through Harbinger’s thrall’s head instantly killing it. More guns fire off their bullets as silhouettes appear in the darkness. A squad of soldiers moves forward towards the group of husks and kill dispatch them with deadly precision. As the soldiers start to spread out of their formation, one of the soldiers notices Shepard’s form lying in the rubble.

Soldier: “We got a live one here!!!”

As soldier picks his way through the rubble to Shepard, the others provide cover for their comrade. As Shepard loses consciousness from his injuries, the last thing he remembers is the soldier yelling for medics as the world turned black…


*murmurs of various voices*

Voice: He’s not looking good. Does anyone know what happened down there?
Voice 2: No not yet. We’re hoping he will tell us himself when he wakes up.
Voice: IF he wakes up. He’s in a really serious condition. Last time we saw him, he had almost got hit by the main cannon of a Reaper. After that we lost sight. We thought he had died. It’s only luck we found him.
Voice: What about Admiral Anderson. What is the current status on him?
Voice 2: We don’t have much since communications are still patchy but what Intel we do have suggests that he and the soldiers he is with are still at the temporary FOB holding off Reaper forces. Pending current combat plans permit, he is to check up on Shepard the second the Commander wakes up.
Voice: May the gods help us all…
*murmurs fade out*

Unknown amount of time later…

*Shepard slowly regains consciousness*

As Shepard looks around, with various devices connected to him, he observes that he is in a hospital room of an Alliance Cruiser. After spending countless times inside of one, there was no mistaking of that fact.

Garrus: Hey. He’s finally awake.
(Insert LI of choice. Mine’s Ash.) Ashley: Shepard!
Shepard: Uhhh…where is everyone? What happened to…?
Ashley: Shhhhh. You’ve been extremely injured and you’re not fully healed. The wonders of modern technology are great but it takes time.


Q: Where is the crew? A: Tali is off coordinating Quarian forces with Geth strategists. Liara is providing Intel to all our forces and providing Shadow Broker Wet Squads to assist in hot spots on Earth. James and Javik are off on a classified mission. Everyone else you know is either off in battle, performing some mission, or helping strategists in a mission preparation room in some way. We are all contributing all we can.

Q: Where are we? A: On the SSV Logan, courtesy of Admiral Nitesh Singh, who was ALL too eager to have you on the ship. (Sarcasm) Damn politics.

Q: What’s the status on the battle? A: It doesn’t look good. Forces are being lost much faster than we can replace them and a lot of our fleets have been destroyed. But I’m going let Anderson fill you in fully on the progress of the battle later. He would know more than I would.


Q: What happened? A: Well we we’re sorta hoping you would tell us that.

Anderson steps in the room abruptly.

Anderson: Shepard. Thank God you’re alright.
Ashley: Come in, Shepard was about to fill us in on what happened.


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Mass Effect 3 - Alternate Ending (series) Empty Re: Mass Effect 3 - Alternate Ending (series)

Post by Andromidius on Mon 14 Jan 2013 - 12:14

Bumping for great justice.

Advertising like a shameless whore, ftw.

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