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What is your canon?

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What is your canon? Empty What is your canon?

Post by Guest Sat Feb 01, 2014 5:00 am

Got the idea from a BSN thread today.

What is your main Shepard's story? What did they do? Why did they do it?

I'll start off. I don't really list many reasons why I did things, but the pattern should be pretty clear enough, and you'll guess how I treated most characters.

Going off of memory of my 360 save which I'll be mostly recreating on PC.

Name: Ambrose Shepard

Gender: Male
Class: Vanguard
Background: Spacer/Sole Survivor
Endpath: Breath Scene High Destroy

Personality: Paragon to Paragade. ME1 was Paragon was very strong, but enough to get minor Renegade checks. ME2 was almost totally Paragon. ME3 was firstly almost totally Paragon, but my NG+ tempered that down into more securely Paragade.
He's generally kind to those who wish to be his allies, reasonable with enemies who want to surrender, but won't give any quarter to enemies who make no bones about hurting others. Most persuasion checks in the series were Paragon, but I did do the occasional to rare Renegade check and White response, when I felt Paragon would strongly betray the character I wanted set up.

Love interest:
Kaidan Alenko (ME3 only), no one else, but did have the session with the Consort in ME1, which I consider more therapy for the soul, than romantic or sexual.


Mass Effect 1:

-mission order was Eden Prime, Citadel, Therum, Feros, Novaria, Terra Nova, Virmire, Ilos, Citadel, with sidequests in between
-almost all sidequests completed (except ones requiring specific alignment maybe, or ones that get blocked by other actions, etc) with Paragon resolutions

-Feros colony was totally saved, Shiala was saved, Exogeni was charmed into funding Feros
-Rachni queen was saved, Liara came with to Feros to face her mother
-Let Balak go on Terra Nova
-Did Wrex's Family Armor, Garrus' Dr. Heart, Tali's Pilgrimage sidequests
-Talked Wrex down
-Saved Kirahee's team
-Saved Kaidan --> Result is all alive and on board except Ashley
-Saved the Council
-Final boss team was Wrex and Tali to help their people in eyes of galaxy
-Recommended Anderson
-Blue Shepard ending shot


Mass Effect 2:

-mission order was generally Lazarus Project Base, Freedom's Progress, Mordin Recruit, Jack Recruit, Garrus Recruit, Grunt Recruit, Horizon, Samara Recruit, Thane Recruit, Tali Recruit, Collector Ship, Jacob Loyalty, Miranda Loyalty, Kasumi Loyalty, Garrus Loyalty, Thane Loyalty, Jack Loyalty, Grunt Loyalty, Mordin Loyalty, Tali Loyalty, Samara Loyalty, Zaeed Loyalty, Firewalker, Overlord, Derelict Reaper, Legion Loyalty, Suicide Mission, Lair of the Shadow Broker, Arrival, with sidequests throughout
(On my future playthrough, I'll make sure to bring Legion to Tali's Loyalty :P, and maybe Legion to Overlord)
-all sidequests completed, with Paragon resolutions
-all upgrades, fully ready ship

-everyone recruited, full Loyalty
-Miranda's sister saved
-Jacob's father taken to authorities
-Mordin doesn't kill Maelon, takes data
-Grunt completes Rite
-Jack doesn't kill Aresh
-Garrus is held off of Harken, doesn't kill Sidonus
-Thane helps his son
-Shepard resists the mind domination, helps kill Morinth
-Tali is cleared of all charges, but because Shepard lies about evidence on father (alternatively on PC I'll Rally Crowd)
-Legion lets Shepard rewrite the Geth Heretics
-Kasumi keeps her Greybox
-Zaeed helps rescue the workers, and is convinced to be Loyal despite missing his revenge
-Saved David in Overlord
-Stopped the Shadow Broker and saved Feron, and tempered Liara's revenge addiction throughout

-Picked Tali for vents (success), Miranda and Garrus for fire teams (success), Samara for biotic field (success), and Thane and Legion (because they're cool) for final boss (success)
-Destroyed the Collector Base
-Full team and crew survival and victory


Mass Effect 3:

-mission order was Vancouver, Mars, Eden Prime, Menae, Grissom Academy, Sur'Kesh, Turian Platoon, Cerberus Bomb, Rachni Planet, Tuchanka, Citadel Coup, Omega, Asari Monastery, Ex-Cerberus Scientists, Geth Dreadnaught, Save Admiral, Geth Consensus, Rannoch, Leviathan, Citadel Story, Thessia, Sanctuary, Citadel Party, Cronos Station, London, Crucible with sidequests throughout
-all sidequests completed
-final team was James (mandatory), Liara (mandatory), EDI (mandatory), Kaidan (Ashley dead, him alive and joining), Garrus (alive), Tali (alive, admiral), Javik
-squadmate/shipmate deaths were: Ashley (died on Virmire), Morinth (if that counts), Mordin (cured genophage), Thane (saved Council member), Legion (spread code for Rannoch peace)

Note that almost all solutions were found via Paragon means. I did have enough of the normal dialogue using the lower parts of wheel for a good amount of Renegade points, but most actual solutions were done with Paragon. In ME3 especially however, I was VERY Renegade when it came to the Reapers (on my NG+ 'definitive' run), and anything about running from them/sitting on sidelines instead of fighting with all we have. In Citadel DLC in particular, I was Renegadey about anything having to do with 'staying and enjoying' the place, even though it is written that Shepard still has some fun regardless.

Basically, I was as Paragon as before, EXCEPT when it came to fighting a war and directly opposing the Reapers. For those, I was adamently Renegade. That brought things to 1/4-1/3 of the meter being Renegade, but still high enough Paragon to get any Charm checks I would want with it. Maximum Reputation.

-saved Jack and her students
-dealt with the previously saved Rachni Queen, freed her and she stayed peaceful, Grunt surviving
-saved Turian platoon, Primarch's son sacrificing himself to disarm a bomb on Tuchanka
-finished Genophage arc with Wrex set for peace, Eve at his side, Mordin sacrificing himself for them, Padok staying on Sur'Kesh
-Thane (force death) saved Salarian council member, and Shepard successfully had Kaidan stand down
-saved Omega, its residents in the power core scenario, and Paragoned Aria
-helped Samara and kept her from killing herself, left Valere on the Monastery instead of killing her
-helped Jacob and got the Ex-Cerberus scientists out of Cerberus hands
-saved Quarian admiral
-disabled Geth fighters and gained Primes by entering the Geth Consensus
-brought Rannoch peace (Paragoned) between the Geth and Quarians, though Legion died (like he's forced to by story)
-while being Paragon about getting them, Shepard brought Leviathan to the fold with more Renegade appeals, and Ann Bryson lived, though with a bloody nose since I did push her somewhat
-Zaeed and Kasumi survived to help out
-brought Javik to Thessia (come on, that's nearly totally canon overall, haha)
-Miranda survived on Sanctuary and saved her sister
-Wrex was a major part of Citadel DLC story, with Kaidan and EDI as big parts of the rest; the clone was offered a hand up but decided to fall, and Maya Brooks was convinced to let herself be taken by authorities
-Citadel Party involved the maximum: Kaidan(VS), Liara, James, EDI, Tali, Garrus, Javik, Miranda, Jacob, Jack, Grunt, Thane, Samara, Zaeed, Kasumi, Joker, Steve, Sam. (Particularly missed the presence of Chakwas and Legion btw..)
-Continued to Paragon Charm TIM throughout the game, because I do believe he can be helpful and partially redeemable. He died in the Citadel shooting himself.
-Love scene with Kaidan
-Tali and Garrus romanced. Ken and Gabby romanced. EDI and Joker are given support for romance, for what its worth.
-Javik is NOT to look at the memory shard, and makes friends with Liara, so he decides to write his book with her. What's done is done, what's lost is lost. Looking back should only be done if/when ready, not when things are already mentally distressing.
-Forces met on the ground include: every squadmate, the krogan with Wrex. Space forces included everyone except maybe a segment of the Salarians? Got Krogan support, Geth+Rannoch unification, Destiny Ascension.
-Kaidan and Javik were taken to the beam, and Shepard said his goodbyes to Kaidan, who was carried off by the last Prothian
-First time through, I chose Synthesis (original ending). Now with EC and my 360 profile's NG+, I chose Destroy, with the Breath Scene. There was intentional hesitation and full investigation of the Catalyst, but Destroy was finally chosen for him. I did hesitate, and I put it as part of my Shep's story. He made so many connections, he fought for the Geth and EDI.. but he had to do this.

End result was the most positive looking for Destroy. A seeming relatively quick cleanup and rebuilding of relays, Krogan have bright future, friends and allies have bright future. But things seem with dead or unknown when it comes to EDI and Geth.
Kaidan decides to not put Shepards name on the memorial wall...



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What is your canon? Empty Re: What is your canon?

Post by Maximus Sat Feb 01, 2014 1:37 pm

What is my canon?
Eat shit, Harby! ;>
What is your canon? Fatboy-Fallout-3

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