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The Grand Game

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The Grand Game Empty The Grand Game

Post by ViolentSound Tue Dec 09, 2014 7:49 am

Hey guys, VS here.

  I just finished the quest involving the Winter Palace. While I was playing through, I got a little inspired. So, just for fun. What would you guys think of a TV show, set in the Dragon Age universe, but focused on The Game.  I would watch the crap out of it, put it on HBO. Maybe too similar to Game Of Thrones, But it good be a great counter weight as it would be a bit more colorful and exotic, maybe even satirish.

It would focus on the Politics and nobility in Orlais, the intrigue, the murder, the back stabbing, the affiars, Sounds like any good drama, add Elves and Dwarfs and its golden. Also, it would show some dealings of the other powers in Thedas. They could use some of the pre-existing lore too, to add more plot elements.

I was thinking about it taking place either in the last couple decades of the Exalted age or, at the turn of the Dragon Age, or sometime after the fifth blight but before the events in Kirkwall . Anyway, just wanted to get your guys thoughts and if it sounds like  a good idea, what would you like to see from it?


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