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Avengers:Endgame Spoiler Discussion

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Avengers:Endgame Spoiler Discussion  Empty Avengers:Endgame Spoiler Discussion

Post by Master Blaster Sat Apr 27, 2019 8:17 am

So after watching Endgame it goes like this.

Captain Marvel is Superman in the movies. Took punches from Thanos and was over powering him. Only due to the power of the power stone did she get knocked back. So Thor, Cap, and Iron Man was basically getting overpowered. Granted Thor put on quite a bit of weight

Not to mention she just takes out Thanos warship/took all that fire power like it was nothing.

Thought the Valkyrie chick becoming the new leader of Asgard was just so random. Like they took Thor's for once character development and returned him into Thor 2 version of himself. Understandable that may be for he felt like he failed, but now there is no "taking responsibility"

There is no funeral for Black Widow at all, and is not honored like Tony was. For ironic after they said "We were her family" oh yeah lets just not honor both of these heroes and have a proper send off along with vision to add since they are now all there.

Speaking about Vision is just plan old forgotten for there is no moment for them to put the stone back into his body for it was intact after Thanos reversed time. To at least say goodbye, and be honored at all for Wanda least deserved a better ending than that.

Finally the biggest plot hole is time travel for they just try to justify it with "it isn't like back to the future for time remains the same regardless" but they TAKE not only the infinity stone but Thor's hammer which makes no sense what so ever! They even pointed out that the day was when the dark elves attacked and without the "space kool laid" then Plus Loki has an infinity stone.....the space stone....from the events after the first Avengers. Meaning they already screwed up time itself in that timeline.... Consider this too that Cap would have to inject the stone into Jane Foster in liquid form....but it is now a solid, and Cap doesn't have the "guardian power" to use the power or a devices to shape it back into how it was.

Then you knocked out Star Lord which means he never gets the stone, and doesn't lead up to the Guardians, and the fact he didn't wake up was odd for it was quite awhile...

Also bringing back to Loki taking the Space Stone....this also means the beginning act from the "Age of Ultron" doesn't happen, and vision is never born nor does Scarlett which find love from Vision/rendering  Infinity war pointless.

For it really makes no sense to return the gems at all in the first place......and we do know the things they did in the past effected the present for Cap lived out his life in the past and is now in the seeing how that happens really does make no sense at all. Plus Cap told the Hydra agents "Hail Hydra" for like will nobody QUESTION CAP for saying's bad writing....

Don't get me wrong Endgame is a fun movie, and has some really good action scenes but it has so many plot hole's, suffers from the Hobbit Battle of the Five armies in regards to "showing certain characters funerals"

I almost forgot about this big one too. Basically to use the infinity Gauntlet you now basically suffer from gamma radiation poison at large levels. Which Thanos himself showed no sign of this in the "fourth" (I always count Civil War as one for it totally was)avengers movie.....but when he used it again it caused him to feel pain and nearly kill him. Which case that is a total "we made him to powerful so now we have to de-buff him"

Also considering how they killed past Nebula, and past Thanos/his whole army present" Doesn't it also mean nothing actually was to happen for they killed past Thanos in the present, and if anyone disagree's keep in mind Steve lived out his life in the past in the timeline in which they took the infinity stones.....So by that logic Thano's whole arc was for nothing.....since they literally had it be that way from the start with the whole "this isn't back to the future"

For Fuck Sake Dragon ball Z did a better job with time Travel than this movie did! It's a completely badly written movie that is WORSE than Batman v Superman. Only thing you can say in a critic sense was the action scenes, a majority of the humor, and some good emotional senses. Otherwise the writing in this movie is just horrible for the plot being executed for the idea of the way Time Travel is introduce was fun, but their justifying it was not.

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