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Question of Authority?

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Question of Authority? Empty Question of Authority?

Post by Master Blaster on Mon Feb 04, 2013 1:21 am

Problem with Literal interpitation.

1. To many plot hole.

How does Shepard survive Harbingers beam, that a Reaper capital ship can cut through crusir ships in one shot?

How does Shepard just magically is covered in so much blood after Anderson dies, and when we meet the brat Shepard looks so much better?

How does Hackett know Shepard is alive, or is on the Citadel? I mean clearlly Hacket does not ask where the **** Anderson is at, yet Hackett just knows that Shepard is on the Citadel. And why doesn't hackett reveal the person who made it on the Citadel? I mean come on if Hackett is afraid any Indoctrinated agent hears this persons name, or broadcast it, I dont think it matters because you just gave your enemy a heads up that somebody is on the citadel now.

Why is the control panel right infront of Shepard? Shouldn't the Citadel control tower be in the Council chambers. I mean Anderson, and Shepard act like this is the control panle, yet we know for a fact, that it should be in the council chambers.

Why didn't Anderson stop Coats from giving the full retreat order. He followed Shepard up, so he had to have been awake.

Why didn't Anderson help Shepard?

Why is it that Harbinger does not kill Shepard when the Normandy lands right infront of it?

Why doesn't Joker pull a pick me up run when Shepard picks Destroy? I mean come on in ME2 Joker comes to the rescue, dispite how much time they all have before the base blows up, or wips out all organic life on the base.

Why does Andersons death affect our EMS by 1000?
How does your squad know Shepard is alive in Destroy, yet not in Control? Did Shepbringer pm his/her team, and say

Shepbringer: I am sorry to tell you all this, but the Shepard you knew is dead, yet I am his/her mind, well I am Shepard, yet I am not your Shepard. Again I am sorry for your lose, but if you want you can call me Shepard.

Just really.

Why does the brat contridict it's self with every word it tells Shepard.

It controlled TIM: CLEARLLY we couldn't put two plus two together to know about that. So it controlled TIM, ya that means all of TIM's work is based of the brat's own knowloiged/ command.

It wants to stop Synthetics from killing organics, only to use Synthetics to kill Organics. Really it was useing the Geth to destroy the Quarians. Was the brat going to let the Quarians be preserved? To me it didn't look like it.

It says the Reapers don't want war, yet what about it. Does it want war, because clearlly it's acting like this is a war. It may say the Reapers don't want war, but that's like saying Shepard didn't mean to sabatoge the Geno, and lie to Wrex in his faces.

Shepard; Why would I betray you Wrex?

It talks about storing balance to the galaxy, yet it causes chaos to achive balance/order.

It talks about preserving organic life, yet why does it order the Reapers to kill/harvest organic life, only to loose some Reapers along the way. Did it not say it wants to preserve all organic life, well it's doing a piss poor job.
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