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Post by Raistlin Majere on Sat Jun 01, 2013 9:22 pm

Hello Everyone.

With the number of long time Bioware fans on this forum and how Bioware's early games (Baldurs Gate, Neverwinter Nights) were based of D&D I imagine that others on this forum have most likely encountered or regularly play the table top version or other variations of D&D. As such I have started this thread as a place to share stories and tales from Dungeons and Dragons or other similar tabletop games (Shadowrun, ect).

Is it a fun moment in a session? A powerful build? A really good Dungeon Master or player experience? Share your experience with the old pen and paper game system which lay to ground for Bioware's early games.


Without further ado I will start on a very recent event I experienced, as early as yesterday to be precise.

I have long played D&D being both GM and player over the cause of many years. In this case I was player in a setting using the Pathfinder rule system (a rewriting of the 3.5 system for those unaware and in my humble opinion a better version than 3.5).

But it was yesterday during a long running session where I am player that I was truly mind blown by what happened. We were three players. Me (Chaotic Good lvl 5/3 Sorcerer/Dragon Disciple), my brother (Lawful Evil, lvl 8 Alchemist) and a friend (Chaotic Evil, lvl 5/3 Rogue/Assassin). Already a bit of a dysfunctional group due to alignment disparity, but some powerful personal goals kept us somewhat together.

Our task for this session was to get the support of a Dwarf King in regards to a brewing war (tied into said personal goals) and we quickly realized this king was a bit of a prick, to the point where the assassin considered trying to assassinate him soon after (we are the not most serious group at times).

At first we talked him out of it, did a few tasks, until I headed to my quarters to identify some new magical items in peace while they headed to the king to report that we had killed a merfolk (Essentially a male mermaid for those who don't know...don't ask what it was doing near a dwarf city) who had disrupted his slaves attempts to expand the city. Now the merfolk were being carried by a ogre skeleton animated by the Alchemist and it was about this time that the Rogue and Alchemist decided to kill the king.

What followed was a guard losing his pants from a sleight of hand check before being knocked over by the Ogre (using the dead merfolk as an improvised weapon) and a fight against the king as the Ogre held the door...against all odds the Alchemist and Rogue wins, but in his death the king (being an ass) sets in motion a magical resonance threatening to collapse the city.

What follows is a desperate flight from the city with as many citizens as possible (always planned by the DM, the events leading up to it, not so much). At this point my character has a pretty good idea the Alchemist and Rogue were involved, but no evidence, but i could not follow up on it either as the Rogue makes and amazing bluff check and pins the blame on the Elemental s we were gathering an army. This rallied the survivors of the city to head to the city we came from and those who could joined the army there...

And I, both in character and out of character stood back in stunned disbelief at what had happened...and it is only made worse by a vision of the future we had in an earlier session showing the world in ruins, supposedly if the elemental's are not stopped...but i cant help but wonder if it wont be my characters companions which bring down the world in the fight against the elemental's Grin

But what are your stories from the old, yet infinite possibilities of D&D and its similar games systems?

Heroes get Remembered, but Legends never Die.
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