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Post by Restrider on Wed Jun 05, 2013 7:56 pm

People have been wondering what is going on, so I will provide you with several announcements that in the end try to express the same thing:

Fellow theorists, lurkers and users of these boards, some of you may have already heard that the moderators and admins have come to the conclusion that it was necessary to permanently ban Megumi (also known as Gummy, Mirela or Qibbi). Some of you might cheer in joy since they have been waiting for this day to come for a long time, others will ask themselves if they are still welcome on these boards or whether the moderators and admins have become a group of elitist, authoritarian tyrants.

Let me explain why we have come to this drastic decision and how we have reasoned and to do so, we have to go backwards in time.
The majority of you will remember the struggles and conflicts we had on the IT-Threads on the BSN (mainly Mark III). During most times, Megumi was a part of these conflicts. Ironically, the IT community was in very bad shape the month before the lockdown and this situation was altered by BW’s and mainly CP’s bad excuse of community management. Even in the phase where we were migrating from the hilariously bleak group section of the BSN to these boards, there were reports coming in of Megumi causing trouble. Mainly she expressing her joy over the lockdown and people being reported by her for speaking derogatory about CP in the groups section, although the last part was never truly proven. Then on the new boards, she would continue to cause some unrest, which is why she even openly announced that she would leave for ever (i.e. the “asari vagina”-incident). To add to that, she also kept defaming the “ITers” on threads on the BSN. As most of you know, she shortly after that came back with a different account. Things were fine for a long time and most people started to forget or at least forgive what she had done in the old days and some even started to like her. However, she simply changed her modus operandi, since she couldn’t openly cause trouble. The line was crossed, when she started sending personal messages to several moderators, indicating that some other ITer was talking “bad” about them behind their backs. Unfortunately for her, these moderators compared the personal messages she sent them.

Let me summarize the section above. She was obnoxious on the BSN. She was involved in many conflicts and was the reason for a lot of drama, with her mostly trying to appear as the victim. If she really thought that she is the victim, that everyone (or a huge part) of the ITers hated her and considering that she even disagrees with most or the entirety of the interpretation most of us have adopted as their ending for ME3, why did she keep coming back? If it was for some individuals she started to like, why not add them to other media (Skype, Steam, Origin, …)? When the moderators and admins became aware of Megumi’s personal messaging and after discussing the meaning of it, there was only one reasonable explanation. She was trying to manipulate people into fighting each other, including moderators and admins (which – as it turned out – was a stupid move from her side). Recent discoveries show that she also tried to manipulate other users.

To say it crystal-clear:
She was not banned for having a different opinion.
She was not banned for insulting someone (although she did that in the past in a very personal and offensive fashion).
She was banned for the malicious intent to drive the posters on these boards against each other.

And what would be a Restrider thread without a poll or at least some poll results?
73% of the mods/admins decided to immediatly and permanently ban her.
09% of the mods/admins decided to wait and ban her permanently if need be.
09% of the mods/admins decided to warn/temp. ban her.
00% of the mods/admins decided to do nothing.
09% of the mods/admins did not care/know.

By Restrider

ok then, It seems that it is my solemn duty to inform you, that we, the community of this forum, after much consideration and debate, decided that we do not enjoy you being part of this community, due to your tendecy to provoke drama out of nothing, spread gossip and being generally unplesant to commune with. In light of your History with the original IT thread on BSN, and on this forum since it's creation, we, as a community, has decided to permanently ban you from participating in this forum activities. We will be banning this account, all corresponding IPs and any future accounts and ips on sight. There has been many jokes about the abundence of moderators on this forum, but belive me, we know our stuff. Please, do not try to create any more accounts and just leave this community and get on with your life, because the truth is - we don't like you and don't want you around.
By demersel (amd I lefts ins the tipos :O )

Direct intervention was necessary.
By WeAreHarbinger

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