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IT in the Dead of Space

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IT in the Dead of Space Empty IT in the Dead of Space

Post by demersel Fri Jun 28, 2013 10:48 pm

Started as an origin conversation with SwobyJ.
I was planning on making a topic on it anyway so for now it will have to do - i will format and edit it later.

demersel 00:52:17
So the thing about dead space 3 is that it is designed to have a new game + and be this infinite loop.
demersel 00:52:26
that is how the game is made.
demersel 00:52:51
It starts with Isaac being in his shitty apartment on the moon.
demersel 00:53:58
it ends with isaac falling down to the surface of Tau Volantis almost from orbit, after having killed the giant moon-sized necromorph that was orbiting the planet.
demersel 00:54:53
and dead space 3 has it's own version of IT - because the necromorph control signal acts alsmost exaclty the same as indoctrination, only messier and more random.
demersel 00:55:09
but the interesting thing is that we get it backwards.
demersel 00:55:50
the priority earth and citadel: the return happend not in the end of the game but rather at the very stasrt of it.
demersel 00:56:10
and it only is getting more and more clear till the end.

SwobyJ 00:56:42
There's a kind of beauty in that.

demersel 00:56:47
damn - there is too much to explain. ((
demersel 00:59:11
so basicly the isaac portion of the gmae starts with the one long pan out shot - you pan out of an image of Unitologist leader danik reding his agitation message, then you see that it is on zeppelin flying behind the window of the lunar city, then you hear the message being recored of ellie Isaac's girlfriend telling him that she wants to move on, then while we are listening to it we might really be easier if you watch this bit on you tube.
demersel 00:59:55
bottom line - all events are happening to fast and to convinient in the same moment to be a real situation. - that is the start of it.

SwobyJ 01:00:42
ive seen it

demersel 01:00:55
And then the whole lunar level starts.
demersel 01:01:15
what is interesting about it - everything - nothing really makes sense when you think about it.
demersel 01:01:26
and it is intentionally designed this way.
demersel 01:02:49
like how all the adds that isaac sees involve girl4you, hypnitic gaze, best eye implants (ellie is missing and eye has the cheapest implant) or soem posters promising you a way of a hero. or riches.

SwobyJ 01:03:13
reminds me of ME3 in-game ads :)

demersel 01:03:25
then there is this thing with the trash bins...
demersel 01:04:00
you see.. all of the lunar city you see consist of dirtiest of slums imaginable. Dirt and litter everywhrere.
demersel 01:04:44
execpt on or in the trash bins. Which are all spotless high tech white, and look like they are designed by apple.
demersel 01:05:16
they are splottless, white and always empty, while they are always surrounded by garbage.
demersel 01:05:50
Garbage is everywhere, on the floor, on the walls, on the benches, on the sidewalk but not on the trash bins, and not in them.
demersel 01:06:14
Same goes for graffitti, trush bins are almost completely unaffected by it.
demersel 01:07:04
during the course of the level you go through a lunar gift shop - which is stuffed with moon based merchendise.
demersel 01:07:14
moon is everywhere.
demersel 01:08:03
makes sense, since you are on the moon...but the final boos of the game being an actual alive can;t be coincidence.

SwobyJ 01:08:22

demersel 01:08:47
and there are books about the moon, that all have a very thematic cover - they feature the fool moon, that has a tree in front of it.
demersel 01:09:03
over all it looks a lot like the stargazer's scene from mass effect.
demersel 01:09:59
also all over the level there are various posters and ads, among them - government ad - Earth gov ad. they are all altered by street artist with the words in them changed.
demersel 01:10:30
the last one you see on the level, is supposed to say - earthgov - we are ideas.
demersel 01:10:44
it is corrected to say WE STEAL IDEAS.
demersel 01:11:38
on the level there is an area like a bazaar or something - it only has one stand and it has lots of magasines on it.
demersel 01:11:55
there are three or four different magazines.
demersel 01:12:04
and they are all relevant.
demersel 01:12:38
one of them is called Playboy Millionaire - it is designed to be like Forbes or Time.
demersel 01:14:20
and it has a portret on the cover - presumably Millionaire Playboe this issue is dedicated to - and that portret looks remarkably like that Norton guy who picks up Isaac along with Carver and who we later find out to be Ellie's current boyfriend
demersel 01:15:10
the other magazine has a cover of a paparazzi picture of the same guy with some girl who is pregnant on some beach.
demersel 01:15:55
in the same area - there are ads all over the place for some service called Girls4you - and it has several changing silluettes of women.
demersel 01:16:11
all of whom are somehow connected to Isaac.
demersel 01:16:49
They look a lot like the women he had already encountered - Nicole - his first girlfriend from Dead Sapce 1.
demersel 01:17:26
Kendra Daniels - the woman who Isaac travels with in dead space 1 and who betrayes him in the ends.
demersel 01:17:42
Nicole betrayes him too by the way. (sort of)
demersel 01:18:31
then there is clearly a girl who looks a lot like Diane - a girl who contacts and guides Isaac in the beginning of Dead Space 2 - only to try to betray him shortly after.
demersel 01:19:02
there is one who looks like Elllie, and One who looks like the woman from Peng posters that are all over all three games.
demersel 01:20:11
also - that peng thing is vvery weird - bascilly all over the three games there are these ads for something called Peng! with a tag line - there is always Peng! and smiling girl on the poster. Always the same.
demersel 01:21:09
and naturally in everygame there is a Peng! - it is an item that you can discover, and it is always very difficult to do so, because it is hidden and you need to look outside the typical ways.
demersel 01:21:56
In the end of the lunar city level in dead space 3 there is a room - that is sort of a waiting room for a train station.
demersel 01:22:04
and the walls are extremly dirty there.
demersel 01:22:54
execpt they are not - if you look close enough - you cna see that there is a word Peng! written infinitly all over the walls in a geometric pattern.

SwobyJ 01:23:17

demersel 01:24:04
In Dead Sapce 3 Isaac gets a partner - John Carver and earth gov soldier.
demersel 01:24:27
he is most notable for a huge scar all over his left side of the face.
demersel 01:24:50
the scar starts slightly above the temple .
demersel 01:25:41
during the course of the game - isaac constantly falls down from cliffs or gets into serious crashes resulting in him getting knocked out.
demersel 01:26:37
several of those are special, because after them he gets his head wounded slightly above his right temple with the wound bleeding severly.
demersel 01:26:45
it happens three times.
demersel 01:27:01
and each time it later dissappears with no explanation.
demersel 01:27:31
and all three times the wound is in exact same spot and place (only maby it gets bigger each time)
demersel 01:29:17
First time happens in Lunar City - Isaac is gunned down by Danik's man and is about to be executed by Danik shooting him in the head in his right temple, he menages to push Danik away, and to fell down a shaft into a pile of already executed men.
demersel 01:30:45
altough Danik misses Isaac completely - when Isaac wakes up, after an uncertain amount of time has passed - he has a huge bleeding wound, slightly above his right temple bleeding onto whole ride side of the face.
demersel 01:31:42
Later in the game Isaac and the crew pilot the derelict shuttle in order to land on Tau Volantis, and the landing does not go well - the shuttle falls apart and crashes violently.
demersel 01:32:43
Isaac comes to hanging upsidedown from his pilot seat by seatbelts, almost frozen to death, and with a huge wound all over his right side of the face originating from the temple.
demersel 01:33:59
his suit is broken an jis helmet mulfunctions - so isaac is forced to roam the ice desert of Tau Volantis with out the helmet and thus can die from being in the cold for too long.
demersel 01:34:23
after some time isaac finds a new suit - and when he puts it on - the wound in the head is gone.
demersel 01:34:46
The third time happens right before the end boss fight.
demersel 01:36:24
Isaac is making his way thorugh the flying debree of a mix of planets surface the city, the compound and everything - and right when he opnes the last door - the airlock explodes in his face, blowing off his helmet, and leaving his right side of the face with a huge bleading wound.
demersel 01:38:14
Isaac spends the whole boss fight without the helmet and it is happening on the debree of the planet's surface that is being pulled into the giant necromorph moon (also known as the Blood Moon) - which is in the outer space high above the planet.
SwobyJ is away

demersel 01:40:40
After Isaac defeats the Blood Moon, (by shooting huge marker objects into it's eyes) - he is reunited with Carver, who is on the other platform, which Isaac literally tears out and through the Blood Moon, while it is trying to consume it) - and they both activate the alien machine that kills the moon for good, by crashing it into the planet.
demersel 01:41:03
but at this moment they stand side by side.
demersel 01:44:09
And in that moment you can clearly see that the scar on Carvers face and the wound on Isaac's face a nearly identical, only Isaac has it on the right, and Carver on the left.
demersel 01:44:24
In that moment they are like two halves of one whole.
demersel 01:45:29
Whne you play the game solo - carver appears put of nowhere and dissappears the same way and only in cutscenes.

demersel 01:53:22
The whole final level - the race to activate the machine through the remaind of the underground city being lifted into space and pulled into the moon - this one level is you going through all of the game only backwards.

it works like that - in the game - you start on the moon, then you are on the ship that blows up, while isaac is putting his suit on, and ite blows him out of the airlock without his helpmet - which he is able to almost immideatly catch and put on. then you are on the orbit of Tau Volantis, digging though derelict flotilla, then you crash land and you roam the ice desert looking for camps, then you are in the archeological compound, then you get into the tunnel network, then you go into marker filled catacombs and then you get into the citym and reach the machine.

in the final level alone - it goes like this - first you are running thorugh parts of the city, then you are running through a section of a marker filled catacombs, then you maky your way through a section of a tunnel, then you reach chunk of an archeological compound, then it is just piece of a snowy mountain, and then you have to jump-fly to reach the next set of debree that is a chunk of hull of ship from the derelict flotilla - and the last door is an airlock which blows in your face.

it blows in your face ripping a helmet off you and then you face and fight the moon itself.

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IT in the Dead of Space Empty Re: IT in the Dead of Space

Post by ericformans_sisterisdead Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:00 am

I respect you opinions Dem but you think ellie was dead the whole game and was a hallucination by dannik, issac, norton and carver like nicole from dead space 1&2.  If your a dead space fan you all and I know thats completely ridiculous.  The only thing that wasnt real about ellie was her eye and those IT in the Dead of Space Hqdefault

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