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The Reapers and the Intelligence

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The Reapers and the Intelligence Empty The Reapers and the Intelligence

Post by Master Blaster Sat Jul 13, 2013 6:21 am

For some time now we have heard how some fans think the Reapers are good, and deserve to live. In most cases it's the ones that picked Synthesis, and rarely Control. In their eyes because the Intelligence is controlling the Reapers and making them do all of these bad things, it's not their fault. Moreover they want to free the Reapers, and make peace between the Reapers, and help the Intelligence with it's problem. Which creates tension between those that view the Reapers as evil.

  Like most of them ME fans they view the Reapers has fucked up creations from a fucked up logic that have right to live at all, nor be excused for the things they have done. Well to be more accurate the Reapers we talk to seem to have independent train of thought, and can make their own choices without the Intelligence telling it other wise. Now some of the fans that think the Reapers are just programmed to use tactics of fear, boasting, and offering of peace to use against the organics, and synthetics. However if that was the case then why didn't Harbinger and Sovereign follow it's creators ideals? Both Harbinger and Sovereign see organics as inferior, weak, have no place in the galaxy, and are a blight. The leader of the Reapers see organics to weak to protect themselves from the synthetics, and does what is best in it's opinion to protect the organics. Moreover Sovereign uses synthetics ( The Geth) to kill organics to achieve their master's goals, as Harbinger makes the organics suffer before the ascension. Does Intelligence fully have Control over what the Reapers does then, since if it commands the Reapers, it must influence what they will do, and what they will say right?

  This right there is a major problem. Does the Intelligence have full Control of the Reapers? Like I have pointed out Harbinger, and Sovereign both go under the radar and inflict horror, and bloodshed on the organics. The other Reapers seem to be doing the same thing. From the new reports, data pads, and logs I read it seems to me that the Reapers are really waging war against the galaxy. The Intelligence says the Reapers do not seem to think they are at war, however given the evidence we have seen through out the story it's very clear they are killings millions to billions to just harvest a minimum chosen to be Reaper races. Furthermore the Intelligence uses " Fire" as an logical reason on " How do you know really are doing"? However that argument is majorly flawed.

  It's term of fire seems to be the forest cycle, in which case the fire is burning everything down to create new life. However the problem with that argument is's not letting that fire cause naturally. Instead it's the fire that was created by some human that burns the forest down. In which case causes chaos in the forest and kills hundreds of animal life. The Intelligence is not at all restoring balance to the galaxy, more like it's creating the same problem over and over, and keeps on starting the forest fire by a humans own doing.

  Although the Reapers and the Intelligence do share some very few things in conman, the Reapers really want to make everyone's lives living hell. They destroy cities, harvest the dead or alive organics, they turn the living and the dead in husk, or any other kind of Reaper soldier, make false peace agreements to only indoctrinate those leaders, they care nothing about what organics want or feel, only that they all must either die, or become one of them. So ya I believe the Reapers are truly evil, and I don't believe the Intelligence programming has anything to do about it because everything that the Reapers are doing is the opposite of what the Intelligence wants.

Optimus Prime: Sometimes the paths we wish we desire sometimes have to be fought by words, other than guns. However with the recent events of the Reapers arrival the time for words is over. In order to protect the humans we must stop the Reapers no matter the cost are.

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The Reapers and the Intelligence Empty Re: The Reapers and the Intelligence

Post by dorktainian Sat Jul 13, 2013 11:07 am

Do the reapers want anything? Or are they just following their programming? I think the latter to be honest.

The Reapers and the Intelligence Jonw

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